The objective of the second edition of this international congress is to foster the exchange of knowledge and information on all the technical aspects that affect the sector as a whole, from the production and supply of raw materials to transportation and logistics, livestock breeding and, finally, the end-consumer. Another part of the objective of this congress is to encourage networking among all the relevant actors in the sector, with the aim of strengthening business relations.

The meat-producing sector is one of the most important industries in the EU and there can be no doubt that the pork industry is a major part of it. In global terms, the EU’s pork subsector is the second largest after that of China. Spain occupies the fourth position in the world, with only China, the United States and Germany above it.

Spain is the second largest meat exporter in the European Union. Catalonia leads the Spanish industry with over 42% of the total production and, together with Aragón, it produces annually an average of more than 8 million animals for meat.

Approximately 31 million metric tons of feed is produced every year to supply the stockbreeding industry. Spain is the second largest manufacturer of compound animal feed in the EU. Catalonia is the leading Spanish region in the sector and, together with Aragón, produces more than 33% of the national total.

These figures alone demonstrate the sector’s importance. To them, we have to add the benefits for the rest of the economy, including logistics, transportation, labour, etc.

In the whole logistics chain, the supply of raw agri-food materials is a decisive factor for the sector’s competitiveness. The Port of Tarragona has become a strategic link in this chain. Its centrality and proximity to the production centres, its high degree of specialisation, its productivity and its infrastructures are all decisive for this sector.

For all these reasons, the Port of Tarragona and the State Ports Authority is hosting this congress in Tarragona. We hope it will be very beneficial for the agri-food sector.