The Port of Tarragona and the State Ports Authority are once again organising the International Agri-food Congress in 2018. In the previous edition, in 2016, we saw the sector’s interest in maintaining this biennial meeting as a forum for knowledge and information exchange, while not losing sight of its commercial nature.

We have maintained the same format as before, with a day and a half of speeches that will encompass the concerns we have been hearing about from the sector. The planned programme will deal with world agricultural and stockbreeding production as the first link in the food chain and will cover subjects such as the new CAP, the markets and the competitiveness of our stockbreeding industry.  We will also devote special attention to animal nutrition and its strategies for reducing the environmental impact of meat production and the circular economy of the agri-food sector.

We also believe it is important to place special emphasis on the tendencies of the end-consumer and the new forms of communication, as well, of course, on efficient and sustainable logistics.

To do this, we will be able to count on the top experts in each of the subjects proposed in the programme. They will discuss and share their theses with the whole sector during the Congress.

We will complement this programme by dedicating time to information exchange and networking among all the actors in the sector, because we believe it is important to expand personal interchanges in order to foster and grow the business.

Once again, we are in no doubt that this International Agri-food Congress 2018 is a superb opportunity to prepare for the future by sharing ideas and proposals, taking advantage of the setting offered by the Port of Tarragona, the leading Spanish port in the agri-food sector.

We hope to be able to count on your active presence at the Congress and that we will all be able to take the best possible advantage of it. For our part, all our efforts will be focused on making it a success.

We look forward to seeing you in Tarragona.



Josep Andreu

President of the Tarragona Port Authority


José Llorca

President of the State Ports