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The third edition of International Agrifood Congress, organised by Port of Tarragona, will held on from 5th to 6th May and will be broadcast live from a virtual web platform, in a free bilingual virtual congress format, with access from any computer or mobile device.

Agrifood 2021 | May 5th & 6th
Port Tarragona

The objective of the third edition of this international congress is to foster the exchange of knowledge and information about all the technical aspects that affect the whole sector: the production of raw materials; supply, transport and logistics; stockbreeding and, finally, the consumer. Another objective of the congress is to encourage networking among all the relevant actors in the sector as a way of forging business relationships.

Meat production is one of the most important sectors in the EU, especially pork production. On a worldwide basis, the EU occupies second place in the swine subsector after China. Spain is in fourth place in the world, only surpassed by China, the USA and Germany.

In terms of meat product exports, Spain is in second place in the European Union. Catalonia leads the sector in Spain, with 42% of the total production and, together with Arag├│n, it produces an annual average of more than eight million animals for meat.

Some 31 million tons of feed are produced annually to supply the whole livestock industry. Spain is the second largest producer of compound feed for animals. Catalonia is also a leader in this sector and, together with Arag├│n, produces more than 33% of the national total.

These figures alone demonstrate the importance of the sector, to which we have to add the influence on the rest of the economy in logistics, transport, labour, etc.

The supply of raw agri-food materials is a crucial factor for the competitiveness of the sector throughout the logistics chain. The Port of Tarragona has become a strategic link in the chain. Its centrality and proximity to the production centres, its high degree of specialisation, its productivity and its infrastructures are decisive for the sector.

For all these reasons, the Port of Tarragona and the State Ports Authority will once again be holding this 3rd Agrifood International Congress. We hope it will be as advantageous and beneficial as possible for the whole agri-food sector.

Agrifood 2021 | May 5th & 6th