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Tarragona is a wonderful destination. Open to the sea, it boasts 14 kilometres of coastline and enjoys a climate with excellent temperatures. Its location on the shores of the Mediterranean, on the Costa Daurada, with its fine beaches and warm waters, as well as its leisure centres, historical tradition and artistic heritage, make it a top tourist attraction.

Founded in the 3rd century BC under the name of Tarraco, it boasts an important seaport, our Port of Tarragona. The Romans made it the capital of the province of Tarragona, which is why it still has outstanding archaeological remains from that era that have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Tarragona is a natural fortress, an 82-metre hill overlooking the sea and sheltering the calm waters of the port. Its exact geographic coordinates are 41º 07’ N and 0º 14’ E. It has a population of 137,381 inhabitants, and the native tongue is Catalan. The official languages are Catalan and Spanish.

The city has a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, typical of the Mediterranean coast. The yearly average temperature is 18º C.

“The climate blends and confuses the seasons singularly, so that all the year seems an eternal spring.”
Lucius Annaeus Florus, Vergilius orator an poeta (2nd century A.D.)

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